Script workshop


“Basic tools for writing a script”

Learn the essentials to tell stories in audiovisual format and know the different phases of writing a screenplay. From the practical side, we will describe aspects such as the ideation of conflict or the construction of characters and we will make special emphasis on what a writer wants to express when he writes a story and with what narrative resources he has to do it.

Taught by Ariadna Vázquez. Scriptwriter, script consultant and analyst, he coordinates the Postgraduate Course in Screenplay and Direction of Actors of the Polytechnic School of Tecnocampus (Mataró). In recent years she has worked as an analyst and script consultant for several independent screenwriters and producers such as Filmax, A Contracorriente Films, Faro, or Garaje Films.

Date and place: Friday, June 30 at 17:00h in the “Sala Ayuntamiento Viejo” (Plaza de la Constitución, 9 de Calella)


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